The dishes presented, much like an orchestra's performance,
are traditional and innovative Italian cuisine.

Based on Italian cooking techniques,
we bring out the charm of excellent seasonal ingredients from all over Japan,
and express the environment and stories of the places where those ingredients are produced.


ChefShinji OGAWA

Born in Nagasaki in 1987,
I spent seven years in Italy, gaining experience from the rustic local dishes of trattorias to the innovative cuisine of fine-dining restaurants. I studied under Executive Chef Valentino Marcattili at the Michelin one-star "Strada Facendo" and the Michelin two-star "Ristorante San Domenico" in Modena for five years, including two years as a sous chef.

Upon returning to Japan, I served as the chef at Meguro's "RINASCIMENTO" before taking on the role of chef at "Orchestra."
Actively seeking outstanding Japanese ingredients by visiting various production areas, I established this restaurant as a place that challenges itself to create dishes that can only be made by myself in Japan at the moment.



An exquisite find acquired in Italy:

Raviolo is a specialty originating from 'Ristorante San Domenico' in Italy.

The entire process, from rolling out the pasta right in front of the guests at the counter to the finishing touches, is inherited from my training experiences. The pasta dough is filled with sheep's ricotta cheese, spinach, and egg yolk, then boiled and topped with browned butter and truffle. The exquisite touch of perfectly cooked, runny egg yolk ensures that you can savor the authentic flavor of the original dish.


The star of the dish is the broth.
A stuffed pasta where the umami of Japan
and the umami of Italy come together in harmony.

Brodo's tortellini, which originated in Emilia-Romagna, is centered around the soup.

In its place of origin, it is a dish where ravioli is floated on chicken soup. Here, our specialty features a broth made from chicken stock and chef's hometown, Nagasaki's specialty, grilled flying fish.
The challenge is to create dishes that can only be made by chefs in Japan at the moment.
Building on Italian culinary techniques, we aim to bring out the charm of excellent seasonal ingredients from various regions of Japan, expressing not only the ingredients themselves but also the local environment and backgrounds from which these ingredients originate.



Upon opening the imposing door,
an elegant space unfolds with only eight seats arranged at the dining counter.

On the wall is a painting by Noritake KINASHI.

In this atmospheric setting with subdued lighting,
spotlights illuminate the dishes in front of you, creating a stage-like ambiance.


We provide a sense of unity in time.

We try to create a restaurant where you can enjoy the best food created by the cooperation of producers,
cooks, service staff, craftsmen in charge of plates and cutlery, and everyone involved in the restaurant.
Together, we strive to deliver an exceptional dining experience.